Consumers are demanding: they want customisation, have high expectations of products and packaging, want to make purchases at the push of a button and expect infinite availability. It is a huge challenge to brand owners, packaging producers and designers. Work methods and functions are changing, requiring new skills to build and maintain client relationships. Digitalisation is generating new business fields and offering infinite new possibilities in design. A new generation of digital natives is now turning the world of agency work upside down ...





We got insights into consumer expectations and were inspired by new ways of innovative cooperation techniques. We listened to what brand owners and the packaging production industry have to say about how they face the changes confronting them. And we could benefit from designers sharing their experiences and main concerns and learned how they turn challenges into advantages.





You met experts from various professions in packaging design and production and could gain insights into their business approaches  - we hope very much that you found inspiration and ideas for the successful development of your own business!

Looking forward to seeing you at one of our next events again ...


The next generation of designers

Invited to hold our congress at NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, the largest private Academy in Italy, we touched base with the next generation of designers. NABA students and graduates were actively involved in the congress programme and shared their points of views on today's challenges and opportunities of the design business. 


The "chameleon" congress visual was created by SULEMAN JAFFERY SYED, NABA student. Learn more about NABA here.





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